Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hurricane Sandy One Year Anniversary – Honoring The Search And Rescue Dog Teams… [ C0m13x ]

Search And Rescue Dogs To The Hurricane Sandy Rescue!

A year later -the East Coast still strives for normalcy after the monster storm Hurricane Sandy hit, we have to thank the search and rescue teams and their dogs that came from all corners of the country to aid in the recovery efforts. Search and rescue teams arrived in Staten Island, New York and throughout New Jersey to help rescue those stranded by Sandy and search for those who went missing.

One such task force from Virginia, an 80-member team consisting of firefighters, paramedics, doctors and of course canine handlers and their four-legged partners were deployed to the staging area of Fort Dix, New Jersey and dispatched to surrounding areas. New Jersey Task Force One, a volunteer search and rescue team, rescued more than 400 residents, who were suddenly stranded by Sandy, in 12 hours. Three teams from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation's New York Task Force Two were also deployed to aid in the rescue effort.


Jason Geary and Marsi, Greg Gould and Kura and John Stewart and Lani joined with teams from Suffolk County Urban Search and Rescue to bring 70 people and 13 animals to safety. Ten other search dog teams, nine from Los Angeles County California Task Force Two and one from the City of Miami Florida Task Force Two, also lent a helping hand (paw) in response to the disaster. Search and rescue dogs continue to play a vital role when disaster and emergency situations happen across the country – and we bark praise to that!

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